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About Acorn Consulting

Acorn Consulting are a UK-based, boutique-style IT consultancy practice specialising in working with clients to maximise the value from their strategic alliances and business partnerships through the use of proven, industry-standard alliance best practices.

What We Do

We deliver strategic alliance consulting to enable the businesses we work with to accelerate results. Our focus is to ensure the projects we collaborate on help our clients to make informed decisions about investments in their strategic alliances and business direction. We get ‘under the covers’ of what makes our clients businesses tick, and what the future-state vision needs to look like. By applying deep-rooted experience across multiple technology sectors and vendors with whom we we have worked, our objectives are always the same…

What does success look like and what is the quickest way to get there?

The Problem Statement

Formal research conducted over many years by globally renowned organisations, combined with anecdotal experience and evidence, suggests that in the global economy, the nature of how business is transacted is changing rapidly.

As use of the Internet coupled with the proliferation of Cloud-based applications increases, and borderless trade and commerce becomes the ‘new normal’, customer needs increasingly transcend formally recognised regional and international borders. These trends drive the increasing prevalence of product and services solution eco-systems to deliver to business and customer needs.

In parallel, companies are expected to do more with less under increased competitive pressure. Launching new products, innovating rapidly, reducing costs, establishing more efficient working practices and improving customer outcomes are all activities which place enormous pressure on a company’s capacity and resources and increase the frequency with which the need for alliances and partnerships should be considered.

To meet these challenges, executives at organisations of all sizes understand the need to collaborate and partner more frequently with suppliers, customers—and even competitors—and are initiating alliances, joint ventures, outsourcing and other forms of partnering. Such arrangements are typically expected to deliver increased global reach, enhanced customer outcomes, to bridge gaps in their own capabilities and help them gain—and sustain—competitive advantage.

Intriguingly, having instituted these alliances, a majority of alliance executives express frustration at the relative outcomes and performance. They intuitively believe that either (1) the alliance ought to be performing better; or (2) that there are additional areas for collaboration; but they are unsure as to how they either improve upon, or exploit these opportunities.

The Solution

Our mission is to work with our clients to either develop, or enhance, trust & intimacy in alliances and partnerships. The goal is to deliver mutually rewarding results transcending traditional business agreements that are typically based largely on price negotiation vs a focus on creating longer term business value.

Our clients work with us because we take the time to understand their business needs and objectives and by subsequently working closely together to develop successful long-term partnerships.

Cornerstones of the alliance best practice methodology are:

  • Vision – create a vision and a strategy for the relationship
  • Skills – develop the skills and knowledge needed for success
  • Trust – grow the relationship effectively over time

Using a proven, industry-standard alliance best practices methodology, clients can typically expect to realise improvement  in the commercial value of their alliances averaging between 250% and 650% within 18 months.

Our services and day-rate consultants are priced competitively but we will never compromise on quality of execution or deliverable. We differentiate not only through our specialist knowledge but also by always putting our customer first. By ‘walking a mile in our customers shoes‘ we believe we are able to gain an unparalleled understanding of your needs and by so doing maximise our ability to provide relevantpragmatic, thorough and sensibly priced advice and support.

What does success look like and what is the quickest way to get there?

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